Why Is My Husband Rubbish At Housework?!!!

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With the kids off and my full time job extremely hectic the last thing I wanted to come home to over the last couple of weeks was a disorganized house!

Don’t get me wrong, my husband Phil is fantastic at home – he cooks, washes up and is absolutely brilliant with the kids, but when it comes to the housework he is absolutely useless!!

Sometimes I think he would fail to dust if I presented him with an electric duster!

So what are the real reasons that men are so bad at housework?

1. It’s Human Nature!

Sadly it was engraved in our DNA that it was the men that should go out and bring home the bacon and the women should stay at home and keep everything in order.

I think most would agree the women staying at home bit is most definitely not common, unfortunately although men now see their income and time spent at work matched by their partners it’s been engraved into them they still shouldn’t be doing any housework!!

2. Inability To Multitask

I’m obviously biased by can men honestly multi task as well as women? I honestly have never seen any evidence of it and believe it’s a good reason men are crap at housework!

3. There cleverer than they look?

Do a lot of men do a particularly bad job because they know they will be taken off the detail? My guess is yes and women just fall into the trap!


4. They obviously don’t like love making!

It’s been proven that couples who share the housework make love more often. If your husband or partner is shirking his housework responsibilities he obviously doesn’t like the love!

Can you think of anymore ladies? Men……what have you got to say for yourselves? Opinions and thoughts in the comments section please!





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