Summer Holidays: The Ultimate Guide to Survival

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The infographic below was submitted to Whod Have Kids by childrens party Cardiff
summer holidays survival guide

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Important Points To Consider Before Buying Your Hubby An Electric Razor!

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It took me some time to identify the best electric razor blade for my husband. He previously had a lot of problems when it came to choosing the best electric razor blade.

So I embarked on the mission to give him a pleasant surprise by buying him the best quality electric razor blade.

To do this I first of all had to look for the different brands of electric razor blades that were available in the market.

In addition to this, the quality of the available electric razor blades was a key factor. I wanted something durable and so that’s what I went for. Initially, my hubby had difficulties of maintaining the ones he had so they kept on breaking down.

But the one I bought has proven to be durable and he is really appreciating.

Furthermore, I found it wise to first look at the quality of the material and so the electric razor blade itself.

electric razor technology

Another thing is the price, there different brands all at various costs. However, I went for the one that gave me the value of my money and I am very glad that it worked for me.

Mom’s…..Get In The God Dam Pool!

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As mothers we often judge ourselves harshly. There is barely a moment to hug and kiss your child, in between PB&J sandwiches, food wars and laundry. I am not entirely sure where in all of his I am supposed to fit in a gym session.


So sitting at a birthday party, feeling sorry for my size 40 ass (12 in US size!), I scoff down all the delicious cakes and brownies on offer. I even throw in a strawberry for good healthy measure. I am thoroughly enjoying myself when it begins…..

“Ah, I really think I should join the gym”

“Have you heard about that new fitness program on offer?”

“Yes I am TOTALLY keen to join” she says, subtly dropping the brownie on to the floor for the dog to eat up.

“I am so unhappy with my weight…”

“I feel so fat…”

“Did you see so and so lost so much weight, bitch!”

And so the conversations go on for the contingent of the birthday party.

I now feel bad for scoffing down all the wonders on my plate and possibly need a crash course on how to stop blushing.

As if I had never seen sugar before and also wish I had taken up the offer to visit Essex Body Care – surely I would be feeling far more relaxed now! And the worst of it is, these are mostly the size 36 mothers right down to the 32’s. I mean really, as if a mother in a size 32 needs to go to gym!

My son recently had a swimming event which the school called a water safety day. It required the mothers to jump in the pool with their 4 year olds, and teach them how to get back to the wall should they fall in. The thinnest of mothers were in swimming items like wetsuits and t-shirts in the pool – in Summer! And they were equally embarrassed about their size as any of the other mothers were.

So much so, that I did not even get into the pool and in fact went as a spectator.

But who is this supreme court waiting for all mothers to show their stuff, so that they can pass judgement? it is us, fellow mothers that are unhappy with what being pregnant and breastfeeding has done to us.

Yes before I fell pregnant I was a size 36, and I didn’t weigh all that much. Two kids later I tipped the scales at 102 kgs and a size 44 waistline. And the saddest part of all, is that my family suffered. Suffered because I lacked confidence, felt insecure and thought any woman thinner than me had to be a total bitch – come on ladies you know we judge this way!

But who was watching? Which mother has time to judge another mother’s size, when they are running around kids, a household and a job. Perhaps the little twenty-somethings that have never had kids?

I am a twenty something, in fact I am 28 with saggy tits, stretch marks and one hell of a belly apron. And I feel old and fat next to any girl my age with perky breasts and a flat belly – but she hasn’t had kids, and soon enough she will feel just like we all do. Judged, and unattractive.

But ladies, we need to pull ourselves towards ourselves – these stretch marks, saggy boobs and apron stomachs are the result of a war that we fought so tremendously.

Those black rings under your eyes are a trophy, because you were able to not only make a baby, but carry it to full term. I have had a miscarriage, and you feel like you are to blame,

A dear friend of mine is 27 and cannot have children, has had one failed IVF and has not a cent more to try again. Another sweet friend is 28 and has gone against all her beliefs and is now seeing a homeopath in sheer desperation to fall pregnant. And if we had to say to them that all it would take to fall pregnant and carry a healthy baby to term would be a flabby belly, saggy boobs and stretch marks – what do you think they’ll say?

So come on moms, it really is time we appreciate our war wounds and scars and cherish the miracles that we have been able to have. I may be big, uncomfortable in my size and insecure – but I have 2 healthy children, a husband and a job. Who honestly gives a damn about the size of my pants other than me? Its not like it was a question on my job application!

I am scarred. I am stretched. I am a mother, but next time I intend to get in the god dam pool!

Why Is My Husband Rubbish At Housework?!!!

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With the kids off and my full time job extremely hectic the last thing I wanted to come home to over the last couple of weeks was a disorganized house!

Don’t get me wrong, my husband Phil is fantastic at home – he cooks, washes up and is absolutely brilliant with the kids, but when it comes to the housework he is absolutely useless!!

Sometimes I think he would fail to dust if I presented him with an electric duster!

So what are the real reasons that men are so bad at housework?

1. It’s Human Nature!

Sadly it was engraved in our DNA that it was the men that should go out and bring home the bacon and the women should stay at home and keep everything in order.

I think most would agree the women staying at home bit is most definitely not common, unfortunately although men now see their income and time spent at work matched by their partners it’s been engraved into them they still shouldn’t be doing any housework!!

2. Inability To Multitask

I’m obviously biased by can men honestly multi task as well as women? I honestly have never seen any evidence of it and believe it’s a good reason men are crap at housework!

3. There cleverer than they look?

Do a lot of men do a particularly bad job because they know they will be taken off the detail? My guess is yes and women just fall into the trap!


4. They obviously don’t like love making!

It’s been proven that couples who share the housework make love more often. If your husband or partner is shirking his housework responsibilities he obviously doesn’t like the love!

Can you think of anymore ladies? Men……what have you got to say for yourselves? Opinions and thoughts in the comments section please!



With the Olympics Drawing To A Close Here Are 5 Reasons To Love Brasil

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I didn’t think I was going to watch the Olympics this year, there was so much controversy before it started it put a bit of a dampener on it.

The Russian doping scandal, construction workers tragically killed whilst building the stadiums and the disease issue was obviously not the best of starts but as we go into the final weekend I can report I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The excitement, heartache, joy & happiness of these talented athletes that train for 4 year for one competition provides excellent viewing.

My only disappointment has been the emptiness of some of the stadiums.

Since Brasil is firmly on the world’s minds I thought it would be appropriate to write a post outlining 5 reasons everyone should love Brasil:

1. Amazing Climate:

The country enjoys good climate and weather all year round. You will appreciate the sunny and warm climate that makes the outdoors conducive.

2. Panoramic Views:

Brasil is home to many natural and manmade features. These include mountains, the ocean, jungles, monuments, historical building and much more. Ever heard of the Christ the Redeemer statue?

3. Shopping:

Do you know that Brasil is among the fasted growing economies in the word? Due to this, the region is experiencing a boom in shopping malls like the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping centre, which is a prime example of the excellent shopping facilities available.

nightlife brasil


Brasil is home to Samba, Forro, Bossa Nova and other music genres. The country is also renowned for its many carnivals.


Due to being in the Amazon region, Brasil enjoys great biodiversity. You can go for safari walks, nature trails, birdwatching, marine expedition and much more.


6 Best Holiday Parks In The UK For Families

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Brynteg Caravan holiday Home Park

brynteg caravan park

The park offers a range of stunning static caravans and a selection of deluxe holiday lodges for sale, something that will suit your lifestyle and pocket. They have a spectacular lake with lakeside bistro, and facilities such as leisure complex, SPA café, beauty salon, indoor tropical pool, country club restaurant and bar.

Devon cliffs Holiday Park 

devon cliffs

This is a 5 star holiday park that is nestled on the cliffs of Jurassic coast world heritage site. The sand beach below it is directly accessed from Devon cliff. The park boasts an indoor pool, a multi-level pool complex, luxury spa, as well as a variety of other activities including; archery, ice skating, abseiling, and laser combat. Besides that, it has a range of restaurants and bars with almost 24 hour entertainment.

Perran Sands Holiday Park

perran sands

The holiday park has untamed beaches of Cornwall making it a surfer’s paradise. It offers heated indoor and outdoor pools, sports court, paintball, kart hire, adventure golf, and nature walks to explore Cornwall’s natural beauty.

Seawick Holiday Park

seawick holiday park

It is situated near a number of beaches and offers guests the opportunity to really experience Essex’s beautiful coastlines. It has a direct access to St Osyth beach where guests are welcomed to make use of any of the facilities. There is a selection of heated pools, restaurants, adventure playgrounds, on-site fun fair cherry that is on the top.

Bideford bay holiday park

bideford bay holiday park


The beach is surrounded by a peaceful woodland area offering guests the perfect combination of natural beauty and array of activities to ensure they are in a holiday spirit. Guests can relax at the bath, head to heated pools, or experience the excitement of flume. Nearby the park, there are horseracing facilities to explore the area.

Peppermint Holiday Park

Peppermint Holiday Park

This rural scenery is surrounded by beaches, lakes, sand dunes and close to popular Torquay. It is one of the top coastal holiday parks with added convenience of choosing between an on-site holiday home or bringing your own caravan with the pet friendly atmosphere.

Your Dog Is A Dog – Not A Baby!

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dog image

Not so long ago, I bravely took my little family off to see Cars in the Park. Aside from the bustling crowds and the fools who do not know how to walk on the left and move to the side when stopping to look at something, it was great.

My little girl is two and is following the gender biases of all little girls before her and is now besotted with other babies. So walking down the crowded road, we see a pram. (Perhaps “crowded” is an understatement, but for lack of coffee and a good mood, let’s just say the road was insanely busy.) This pram was a little way off in the distance, but child number 2 was really set on seeing the baby, given that vintage cars really did not hold her attention.

I pushed through the crowds as best as I could, elbowing a few stragglers going against the flow of people walking by and finally we were within a visionary distance of the pram. Child 2 is now overcome by excitement, I am overcome with frustration at how many people I had to get through to see this baby and when we finally peer inside…it’s a flipping dog!

My daughter was confused, I was seriously annoyed but smiled courteously at the lady as if to reassure her that purchasing a pram solely for a dog is completely normal. I then slowly slipped back into the crowds, befuddled by what I had just seen.

Now let me set the record straight, if your dogs are your babies, fine! That is totally normal?! Buying a doggy pram however is a little too much for me.

Perhaps it is because my dogs are big gnarly creatures and my children are only just finished with prams; but I cannot marry the concepts together.

Dogs are wonderful friends, they fill the void that is left behind when children go off to varsity and move into their own lives. But they are not babies. They do not need babygrows. They do not need birth certificates with your surname tailed on to the end. They do not need home cooked meals eaten at the table with mum and dad. And they most certainly do not need a pram!

They need love, attention and security, a good home and food – just like a child.

But when your dog says “mama, lub you….” then I will buy you the damn pram myself!

World’s Biggest Babies

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My oh my, that is a big baby!

I always thought that my son was a big guy. Already at the age of 4 he is wearing clothes aged 6 – 7 years. He isn’t fat. He is just broad shouldered and really tall. I like to call him my Chunky Monkey.

As a baby people would peer into his pram and ooh and aah over him, and they were always sure to mention what a big boy he is. And it annoyed me. Surely he was still in the “normal” category. So I typed ‘big babies’ into my search engine…and oh my!

2009 – Baby Boy, Indonesia

big baby1

In 2009 a very unsuspecting mother gave birth to a baby boy that weighed 8.7kgs. He was fortunately born by a C-Section and she did not have to push, or should I say squeeze, him out.

2011 – Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean, USA


Stephon may not be the heaviest baby on this list but he is certainly the longest. Born at 6.4kgs and 58 cm’s, Stephon broke an 18 year old record for the biggest baby ever born in that hospital.

2011 – JaMichael Johnson, USA


Tipping the baby scales at 7.25kgs, JaMichael Johnson was the heaviest baby to ever have been born in Texas. Doctors expected him to be a big boy, but were taken by surprise at his final birth weight.

2013 – George King, United Kingdom


George certainly was the king of all newborns in 2013, when he was born at 7.12kgs. His mother bravely pushed him out and despite getting stuck in the birth canal, he was delivered safely by a staff of almost 20 curious specialists.

1963 – Stephen Lyttle, Australia

How bizarre that this baby should have that surname, when he weighed in at 7.399kg’s on the scale! Officially the biggest baby born in Australia, he is now a normal 97 kg’s and 1.86cm at the age of 50.


2005 – Ademilton dos Santos, Brazil


At almost twice the weight of an average newborn, Ademilton dos Santos was born at 8kgs and is the heaviest baby evey to be born in Brazil.

2007 – Nadia Khalina, Russia


The 12th child to Tatyana Khalina, Nadia was born on the 26th of September 2007 at an astounding weight of 7.75kg.

2013 – Baby Girl, Spain


British born Maxim Marin knew that her baby was going to be a big one, but never had she imagined when pushing her out that she would weigh in a 6.2kgs. Epidural free, this baby girl is the largest naturally born baby in Spain.

2013 – Jasleen, Germany


Jasleen was born via natural birth and was measured 57cm’s and 6.1kgs. Her mother, who delivered her naturally, was thought to have had gestational diabetes which went undiagnosed.
The average baby weighs in at around 3.5 to 4kgs, and mums sure as heck are going to tell you how painful it was pushing that baby out. And I am sure that it was sore!

But next time, think about these mums who pushed out the world’s biggest babies WITHOUT so much as a Disprin.