Oral Care For Children Guide

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The earlier you start with this good habit, the better and longer it sticks with you throughout your life!

The importance you give to oral hygiene reflects the kind of significance you pay to overall cleanliness.

You should train toddlers about oral health care while they take their first steps and tip toe around.

oral-care-kidsWhile to some it may seem a bit exaggerated, to most experienced parents it is just about the right thing to do.

You have to teach the toddler that oral care is a part of his/her responsibility and you should generate a sense of significance about the same.

Apart from all this teaching, there is a fair bit of learning that you as a parent need to indulge in as well, to make sure you’ve got your child’s oral health in under control!
Here are just a few baby steps to keep that baby smiling pretty:

Brush it, even that one tiny tooth:

According to the best dentist in Spokane Valley WA it is often held that you begin to brush when the teeth appear as a set. You should brush the teeth just as they start to emerge, even that tiny tooth. Brushing should start as soon as even a single tooth appears.

oral care

Follow the same oral care regime for all your kids:

Your child could be an infant or a teenager, brushing twice a day and using mouthwash is a necessity. Yes, infants do need to brush before bed too! Start flossing as soon as two teeth appear next to each other, but only with the advice of the dentist and after you have learned the technique to do the same.

Have them quit the feeding bottle:

You should get rid of that bottle before it’s too late! Constant sipping out of the bottle may keep the child exposed to the risk of tooth decay as the milk or juice in the bottle shall constantly stay in contact with his/her teeth as the child may sip on it for hours.

Slow eaters are more prone to tooth decay:

You should make sure that the little ones are not in front of the T.V. while having their meal and that they eat their meal while focusing on the food that they eat. This not only ensures better digestion but also ensures that they do not keep the food in their mouth for a long period which speeds up the tooth decay process.

No candies please:

As tough as it sounds, keeping your child away from sweet candies is a task you have to take up gallantly. If it is about your child’s health, a little strictness can go a long way. The most obvious and prominent reason for bad teeth is because of children hopping up on sugar. It keeps away childhood obesity and keeps those teeth in shape too.



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