How To Keep Your Children Safe In Online Chat Rooms

By January 5, 2017 General No Comments

Danger hides in every corner of internet chat sites.

But online chatting can be a safe and fun experience, so long as you keep your kids safe by letting them know these all-important safety tips.

Many websites offer safety tools to prevent communication by creepy individuals.

Make sure your child is aware of the ways he/she can block or report unwanted people.

Make sure your child never reveals any personal information to complete strangers or even people they’re familiar with.

This includes your phone number, address, and your real name.As well as personal information, ensure that your child does show an image of himself over the internet or send a photograph to strangers.

Carefully check their avatars or profile pictures on free chat sites, as parents commonly miss these.

A common trick among internet predators is to get familiar with a child, and then invite them to meet in real life.

Be wary of real life meetings. But also know that online friendships can translate to real life meetings successfully.

Don’t deny your child the chance to meet a potential friend in real life, but definitely turn up to the meeting yourself to check on the individual.




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