Cleaning Emerges As The Most Common Problem For Landlord – Tenant Deposit Disputes

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One of the major causes of a deposit dispute that arises between the landlord and the tenant regarding the private rented property is cleaning.

According to the newly obtained data from Tenant Deposit Scheme (TDS), this dispute has increased from 46% to 56% in a short time interval of 3 years i.e. from 2010 to 2013.

The general cause for this cleaning dispute is the ignorance of the private property by the tenant.

Being a temporary resident of the place, the tenant usually doesn’t take care of it.


In some cases, he/she also ignores the landlord’s recommendations and instructions.

For instance, the tenant keeps pet animals in the house in spite of landlord’s denial warnings.

As a result, when the landlord comes for inspection, he/she generally suffers from things like uncleaned places, nasty smell, damaged furniture, greasy fridges and ovens and similar others.

Furthermore, when asked to compensate in terms of money, the tenant mostly denies because he/she is unaware of the actual expenditure of the proper cleaning and thinks that the requested amount is too much.

Hence, the dispute arises.

To solve such issues, it is necessary for the landlords and the agents to perform a thorough check in and check out, in order to ensure the proper conditions of the household belongings.

Other than that, the landlords need to aware their tenants of the damage done while leaving the place and also discuss the cleaning fees with them so that they also take it as fair and square.

Hence, by taking care of some simple things and hiring a professional firm like EOT Cleaning London such disputes can be reduced to a large extent.



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