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Cleaning Emerges As The Most Common Problem For Landlord – Tenant Deposit Disputes

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One of the major causes of a deposit dispute that arises between the landlord and the tenant regarding the private rented property is cleaning.

According to the newly obtained data from Tenant Deposit Scheme (TDS), this dispute has increased from 46% to 56% in a short time interval of 3 years i.e. from 2010 to 2013.

The general cause for this cleaning dispute is the ignorance of the private property by the tenant.

Being a temporary resident of the place, the tenant usually doesn’t take care of it.


In some cases, he/she also ignores the landlord’s recommendations and instructions.

For instance, the tenant keeps pet animals in the house in spite of landlord’s denial warnings.

As a result, when the landlord comes for inspection, he/she generally suffers from things like uncleaned places, nasty smell, damaged furniture, greasy fridges and ovens and similar others.

Furthermore, when asked to compensate in terms of money, the tenant mostly denies because he/she is unaware of the actual expenditure of the proper cleaning and thinks that the requested amount is too much.

Hence, the dispute arises.

To solve such issues, it is necessary for the landlords and the agents to perform a thorough check in and check out, in order to ensure the proper conditions of the household belongings.

Other than that, the landlords need to aware their tenants of the damage done while leaving the place and also discuss the cleaning fees with them so that they also take it as fair and square.

Hence, by taking care of some simple things and hiring a professional firm like EOT Cleaning London such disputes can be reduced to a large extent.

Good Reasons To Have Your Carpets Cleaned All Year Round

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Running a successful business means that your carpeting takes a beating from the countless footsteps of customers and employees walking through and around your office every day.

Many cleanliness issues in your workplace can’t be ignored – overstuffed waste baskets, dirty bathrooms, smudged windows – but often, soiled carpeting can be forgotten because it is designed to hide dirt.

Here are Reasons to have your carpets Cleaned Year Round

1. To prolong the life of your office carpeting. Carpet damage is most often caused by abrasive particles that stick to the oil residue on carpet fibers. Vacuuming can’t remove the oil but carpet cleaning can. It can prevent matting and clumping of fibers that make the carpet look older and more worn out than it should.

2. To protect the indoor air quality of your office. Carpets trap not only abrasive particles but pollutants and allergens as well. Regular carpet cleaning keeps these pollutants from being released back into the air.

3. To make daily carpet maintenance easier. When you have your carpets cleaned regularly by a professional like carpet cleaners Las Vegas, only dry soil that collects between cleanings will be left, making daily vacuuming faster and more efficient.

4. To remove unsightly stains. Vacuuming cannot remove stains from carpeting. Only regular cleaning can make your rug spotless.

5. To prevent the buildup of bacteria and other contaminants. E.coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella can hide in your office carpeting. These can be tracked onto carpeting from shoes and clothing and from human actions like sneezing and coughing.

6. To enhance the attractiveness of your business. A well-maintained office speaks volumes about a business to its customers. Regular carpet cleaning can make carpet fibers stand up and will make your carpet look fresh and new.

7. To improve worker productivity. The bacteria and pollutants that hide in your carpeting can make you and your employees sick, which means more sick days and fewer productive ones.

8. To remove dust mites and bed bugs. These tiny pests can find their way into your office carpeting any number of ways. Regular cleaning can remove them and keep them from becoming a bigger problem.

The carpeting in your office or business is a major investment. It is also one of the first things your customers notice. The care you take in maintaining a clean, pleasant environment for you, your employees and your customers should extend to the carpeting.

With the Olympics Drawing To A Close Here Are 5 Reasons To Love Brasil

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I didn’t think I was going to watch the Olympics this year, there was so much controversy before it started it put a bit of a dampener on it.

The Russian doping scandal, construction workers tragically killed whilst building the stadiums and the disease issue was obviously not the best of starts but as we go into the final weekend I can report I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The excitement, heartache, joy & happiness of these talented athletes that train for 4 year for one competition provides excellent viewing.

My only disappointment has been the emptiness of some of the stadiums.

Since Brasil is firmly on the world’s minds I thought it would be appropriate to write a post outlining 5 reasons everyone should love Brasil:

1. Amazing Climate:

The country enjoys good climate and weather all year round. You will appreciate the sunny and warm climate that makes the outdoors conducive.

2. Panoramic Views:

Brasil is home to many natural and manmade features. These include mountains, the ocean, jungles, monuments, historical building and much more. Ever heard of the Christ the Redeemer statue?

3. Shopping:

Do you know that Brasil is among the fasted growing economies in the word? Due to this, the region is experiencing a boom in shopping malls like the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping centre, which is a prime example of the excellent shopping facilities available.

nightlife brasil


Brasil is home to Samba, Forro, Bossa Nova and other music genres. The country is also renowned for its many carnivals.


Due to being in the Amazon region, Brasil enjoys great biodiversity. You can go for safari walks, nature trails, birdwatching, marine expedition and much more.


6 Best Holiday Parks In The UK For Families

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Brynteg Caravan holiday Home Park

brynteg caravan park

The park offers a range of stunning static caravans and a selection of deluxe holiday lodges for sale, something that will suit your lifestyle and pocket. They have a spectacular lake with lakeside bistro, and facilities such as leisure complex, SPA café, beauty salon, indoor tropical pool, country club restaurant and bar.

Devon cliffs Holiday Park 

devon cliffs

This is a 5 star holiday park that is nestled on the cliffs of Jurassic coast world heritage site. The sand beach below it is directly accessed from Devon cliff. The park boasts an indoor pool, a multi-level pool complex, luxury spa, as well as a variety of other activities including; archery, ice skating, abseiling, and laser combat. Besides that, it has a range of restaurants and bars with almost 24 hour entertainment.

Perran Sands Holiday Park

perran sands

The holiday park has untamed beaches of Cornwall making it a surfer’s paradise. It offers heated indoor and outdoor pools, sports court, paintball, kart hire, adventure golf, and nature walks to explore Cornwall’s natural beauty.

Seawick Holiday Park

seawick holiday park

It is situated near a number of beaches and offers guests the opportunity to really experience Essex’s beautiful coastlines. It has a direct access to St Osyth beach where guests are welcomed to make use of any of the facilities. There is a selection of heated pools, restaurants, adventure playgrounds, on-site fun fair cherry that is on the top.

Bideford bay holiday park

bideford bay holiday park


The beach is surrounded by a peaceful woodland area offering guests the perfect combination of natural beauty and array of activities to ensure they are in a holiday spirit. Guests can relax at the bath, head to heated pools, or experience the excitement of flume. Nearby the park, there are horseracing facilities to explore the area.

Peppermint Holiday Park

Peppermint Holiday Park

This rural scenery is surrounded by beaches, lakes, sand dunes and close to popular Torquay. It is one of the top coastal holiday parks with added convenience of choosing between an on-site holiday home or bringing your own caravan with the pet friendly atmosphere.