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World’s Biggest Babies

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My oh my, that is a big baby!

I always thought that my son was a big guy. Already at the age of 4 he is wearing clothes aged 6 – 7 years. He isn’t fat. He is just broad shouldered and really tall. I like to call him my Chunky Monkey.

As a baby people would peer into his pram and ooh and aah over him, and they were always sure to mention what a big boy he is. And it annoyed me. Surely he was still in the “normal” category. So I typed ‘big babies’ into my search engine…and oh my!

2009 – Baby Boy, Indonesia

big baby1

In 2009 a very unsuspecting mother gave birth to a baby boy that weighed 8.7kgs. He was fortunately born by a C-Section and she did not have to push, or should I say squeeze, him out.

2011 – Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean, USA


Stephon may not be the heaviest baby on this list but he is certainly the longest. Born at 6.4kgs and 58 cm’s, Stephon broke an 18 year old record for the biggest baby ever born in that hospital.

2011 – JaMichael Johnson, USA


Tipping the baby scales at 7.25kgs, JaMichael Johnson was the heaviest baby to ever have been born in Texas. Doctors expected him to be a big boy, but were taken by surprise at his final birth weight.

2013 – George King, United Kingdom


George certainly was the king of all newborns in 2013, when he was born at 7.12kgs. His mother bravely pushed him out and despite getting stuck in the birth canal, he was delivered safely by a staff of almost 20 curious specialists.

1963 – Stephen Lyttle, Australia

How bizarre that this baby should have that surname, when he weighed in at 7.399kg’s on the scale! Officially the biggest baby born in Australia, he is now a normal 97 kg’s and 1.86cm at the age of 50.


2005 – Ademilton dos Santos, Brazil


At almost twice the weight of an average newborn, Ademilton dos Santos was born at 8kgs and is the heaviest baby evey to be born in Brazil.

2007 – Nadia Khalina, Russia


The 12th child to Tatyana Khalina, Nadia was born on the 26th of September 2007 at an astounding weight of 7.75kg.

2013 – Baby Girl, Spain


British born Maxim Marin knew that her baby was going to be a big one, but never had she imagined when pushing her out that she would weigh in a 6.2kgs. Epidural free, this baby girl is the largest naturally born baby in Spain.

2013 – Jasleen, Germany


Jasleen was born via natural birth and was measured 57cm’s and 6.1kgs. Her mother, who delivered her naturally, was thought to have had gestational diabetes which went undiagnosed.
The average baby weighs in at around 3.5 to 4kgs, and mums sure as heck are going to tell you how painful it was pushing that baby out. And I am sure that it was sore!

But next time, think about these mums who pushed out the world’s biggest babies WITHOUT so much as a Disprin.