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Your Dog Is A Dog – Not A Baby!

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Not so long ago, I bravely took my little family off to see Cars in the Park. Aside from the bustling crowds and the fools who do not know how to walk on the left and move to the side when stopping to look at something, it was great.

My little girl is two and is following the gender biases of all little girls before her and is now besotted with other babies. So walking down the crowded road, we see a pram. (Perhaps “crowded” is an understatement, but for lack of coffee and a good mood, let’s just say the road was insanely busy.) This pram was a little way off in the distance, but child number 2 was really set on seeing the baby, given that vintage cars really did not hold her attention.

I pushed through the crowds as best as I could, elbowing a few stragglers going against the flow of people walking by and finally we were within a visionary distance of the pram. Child 2 is now overcome by excitement, I am overcome with frustration at how many people I had to get through to see this baby and when we finally peer inside…it’s a flipping dog!

My daughter was confused, I was seriously annoyed but smiled courteously at the lady as if to reassure her that purchasing a pram solely for a dog is completely normal. I then slowly slipped back into the crowds, befuddled by what I had just seen.

Now let me set the record straight, if your dogs are your babies, fine! That is totally normal?! Buying a doggy pram however is a little too much for me.

Perhaps it is because my dogs are big gnarly creatures and my children are only just finished with prams; but I cannot marry the concepts together.

Dogs are wonderful friends, they fill the void that is left behind when children go off to varsity and move into their own lives. But they are not babies. They do not need babygrows. They do not need birth certificates with your surname tailed on to the end. They do not need home cooked meals eaten at the table with mum and dad. And they most certainly do not need a pram!

They need love, attention and security, a good home and food – just like a child.

But when your dog says “mama, lub you….” then I will buy you the damn pram myself!