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How To Keep Your Children Safe In Online Chat Rooms

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Danger hides in every corner of internet chat sites.

But online chatting can be a safe and fun experience, so long as you keep your kids safe by letting them know these all-important safety tips.

Many websites offer safety tools to prevent communication by creepy individuals.

Make sure your child is aware of the ways he/she can block or report unwanted people.

Make sure your child never reveals any personal information to complete strangers or even people they’re familiar with.

This includes your phone number, address, and your real name.As well as personal information, ensure that your child does show an image of himself over the internet or send a photograph to strangers.

Carefully check their avatars or profile pictures on free chat sites, as parents commonly miss these.

A common trick among internet predators is to get familiar with a child, and then invite them to meet in real life.

Be wary of real life meetings. But also know that online friendships can translate to real life meetings successfully.

Don’t deny your child the chance to meet a potential friend in real life, but definitely turn up to the meeting yourself to check on the individual.


Simple Home Cleaning Hacks

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Polluted air in the home can lead to a number of problems and is one of the worst forms of pollution that an individual can be subjected to.

Dust mites, molds, smoke particles, and pollens that sit in the air at home can cause serious damage to the respiratory system in both you and your children so it is not something that should be taken lightly yet many individuals do not think twice about the air in their homes.

clean home

We hear often about air pollution outside and activists are set on reducing outdoor air pollution but this hardly matters if we do not keep the air in our homes clean. It may seem like a difficult task due to the fact that you cannot see the pollution in the home but it is there, it is dangerous, and it can be taken care of quite easily.

Doing a few things differently when it comes to your home and purchasing an inexpensive tool to help keep the air clean can make all the difference in the air that you and your family are breathing in.

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that you are keeping up on the dusting in your home. It is best to wear a surgical type mask when you do this so that you are not directly breathing in the dust as you are cleaning it. The best thing to use is an oil based duster that will allow the dust to cling to the cloth rather than floating right back into the air when you wipe it up. Many homes get dusty quickly and could use a good dusting once a week. This may seem like a lot but it is a small price to pay for your family being healthier.

Another thing that really helps keep dust and air pollutants at bay is keeping your rugs vacuumed and your floors swept and mopped. Floors that have a lot of dust and pollutants on them release those particles back into the air every time you or somebody in your family walks on them. You should make a serious attempt to sweep, mop, and vacuum a couple of times a week. If you feel like it is to much to keep up on yourself then enlist the help of another family member, after all it is their health as well that is at stake.

One of the best tools for keeping the air clean though is investing in an air purifier and when I say invest I mean it is truly an investment because without one is can cost you and your family their health. There are numerous different air purifiers out there from very low cost to more expensive. You should base your choice on the size of your home, whether or not there are smokers in the home, and on how fast your home tends to collect dust.


Keeping dust and pollutants at bay means keeping you and your family healthy. Invest in the health of your family and clean your air today.

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Moving Home – The Ultimate Guide!

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Me and my husband have moved a total of 5 times over the past decade.

You’d think it would get easier wouldn’t you?

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard it all before…… organize your delivery firm a quick change of address post office and you are good to go!

Well in theory this would be absolutely lovely, but the reality is, moving home can be a very stressful time, especially with 4 kids.

As our family has grown so have our amount of possessions, toys and general junk we have stashed in the attic promising each other that we couldn’t possibly throw it away!

To be fair, our latest move has been the smoothest yet, and while I would by no means class myself as a moving expert, I do honestly believe I’m getting the hang of it.

For those of you that are struggling with your own moves, follow the simple steps below and I promise (kind of) you will have a hassle & drama free moving home experience!

moving home infographic

Important Points To Consider Before Buying Your Hubby An Electric Razor!

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It took me some time to identify the best electric razor blade for my husband. He previously had a lot of problems when it came to choosing the best electric razor blade.

So I embarked on the mission to give him a pleasant surprise by buying him the best quality electric razor blade.

To do this I first of all had to look for the different brands of electric razor blades that were available in the market.

In addition to this, the quality of the available electric razor blades was a key factor. I wanted something durable and so that’s what I went for. Initially, my hubby had difficulties of maintaining the ones he had so they kept on breaking down.

But the one I bought has proven to be durable and he is really appreciating.

Furthermore, I found it wise to first look at the quality of the material and so the electric razor blade itself.

electric razor technology

Another thing is the price, there different brands all at various costs. However, I went for the one that gave me the value of my money and I am very glad that it worked for me.

Why Is My Husband Rubbish At Housework?!!!

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With the kids off and my full time job extremely hectic the last thing I wanted to come home to over the last couple of weeks was a disorganized house!

Don’t get me wrong, my husband Phil is fantastic at home – he cooks, washes up and is absolutely brilliant with the kids, but when it comes to the housework he is absolutely useless!!

Sometimes I think he would fail to dust if I presented him with an electric duster!

So what are the real reasons that men are so bad at housework?

1. It’s Human Nature!

Sadly it was engraved in our DNA that it was the men that should go out and bring home the bacon and the women should stay at home and keep everything in order.

I think most would agree the women staying at home bit is most definitely not common, unfortunately although men now see their income and time spent at work matched by their partners it’s been engraved into them they still shouldn’t be doing any housework!!

2. Inability To Multitask

I’m obviously biased by can men honestly multi task as well as women? I honestly have never seen any evidence of it and believe it’s a good reason men are crap at housework!

3. There cleverer than they look?

Do a lot of men do a particularly bad job because they know they will be taken off the detail? My guess is yes and women just fall into the trap!


4. They obviously don’t like love making!

It’s been proven that couples who share the housework make love more often. If your husband or partner is shirking his housework responsibilities he obviously doesn’t like the love!

Can you think of anymore ladies? Men……what have you got to say for yourselves? Opinions and thoughts in the comments section please!