Moving Home – The Ultimate Guide!

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Me and my husband have moved a total of 5 times over the past decade.

You’d think it would get easier wouldn’t you?

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard it all before…… organize your delivery firm a quick change of address post office and you are good to go!

Well in theory this would be absolutely lovely, but the reality is, moving home can be a very stressful time, especially with 4 kids.

As our family has grown so have our amount of possessions, toys and general junk we have stashed in the attic promising each other that we couldn’t possibly throw it away!

To be fair, our latest move has been the smoothest yet, and while I would by no means class myself as a moving expert, I do honestly believe I’m getting the hang of it.

For those of you that are struggling with your own moves, follow the simple steps below and I promise (kind of) you will have a hassle & drama free moving home experience!

moving home infographic


Summer Holidays: The Ultimate Guide to Survival

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The infographic below was submitted to Whod Have Kids by childrens party Cardiff
summer holidays survival guide

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prom images

Perfect Prom Photos Every Parent Can Be Proud Of

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If you’re chosen (or hired) to take pictures of some people in the prom night – you have to know that the prom night can be an important time of their life; hence, it’s a great challenge for you to capture their unforgettable moment of their life.

As a parent who has experienced two of her children’s prom night I have both a good and bad set of photos from the big night.

In order to write this guide Who’d Have Kids spoke with Phil from to get some tips for the perfect set of prints!

The following tips will help you take perfect prom photos:

Strike a pose

Although all prom night participants dressed up in vain, they still need to strike a perfect pose for the perfect shot. For close-up shots, it’s similar to taking portrait pictures. You can ask the human subject to stare slight left or right at the camera lens. As for their body posture, avoid putting their hands in front of them. It is better that they keep their back straight and curl their arms like fashion models in the magazines. In this case, the perfect pose for both sexes is angling their body slightly to the side and anchoring their one foot forward.

Use the Image Stabilizer mode to avoid blurry images

In some non-improvised situations, your photo-taking process has to be fast and accurate as well as maintaining the high-quality image. By using the Image Stabilizer shooting mode, you’ll be able to avoid having shaky pictures when you’re taking pictures in various angles. It’s also necessary to use your tripod or a mono-pod if you’re taking pictures at the same spot for a long period of time.

Use the advance presets in suitable conditions

You have to aware of the specifications of your digital camera including the advance presents that can be used in different environment. For example, there’s an “evening” preset that are suitable for evening photo shoot outdoors or you can increase the ISO settings that is suitable to capture fast moving shots. If you can manually alter the white balance preset, you can control the color temperature based on your preferences – as an alternative of using the auto white balance.

Avoid taking dark images

If everyone pose perfectly during the photo-taking process – it would be pointless if the colors of the image are not distributed orderly. For example, many would be disappointed when they see their faces overshadowed by other things – causing shades on their faces.

Most digital cameras have this problem resolved – for instance, Canon Power-shot SD780IS which offers Intelligent Contrast Correction system; that brightens the dark images without changing the originally bright sides of the image and enhances the picture with vivid colors.

Vary your angle

Sometimes shooting waist level is a good way to capture the whole dress, or far above for a dreamy look.

Multiple shots for multiple people

The more people in an image, the greater the likelihood that someone will be blinking in any shot. For larger groups, take at least 5 images. One trick is to have everyone close their eyes, and on a count of three, open them and smile.


electric razor shopping

Important Points To Consider Before Buying Your Hubby An Electric Razor!

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It took me some time to identify the best electric razor blade for my husband. He previously had a lot of problems when it came to choosing the best electric razor blade.

So I embarked on the mission to give him a pleasant surprise by buying him the best quality electric razor blade.

To do this I first of all had to look for the different brands of electric razor blades that were available in the market.

In addition to this, the quality of the available electric razor blades was a key factor. I wanted something durable and so that’s what I went for. Initially, my hubby had difficulties of maintaining the ones he had so they kept on breaking down.

But the one I bought has proven to be durable and he is really appreciating.

Furthermore, I found it wise to first look at the quality of the material and so the electric razor blade itself.

electric razor technology

Another thing is the price, there different brands all at various costs. However, I went for the one that gave me the value of my money and I am very glad that it worked for me.


Mom’s…..Get In The God Dam Pool!

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As mothers we often judge ourselves harshly. There is barely a moment to hug and kiss your child, in between PB&J sandwiches, food wars and laundry. I am not entirely sure where in all of his I am supposed to fit in a gym session.


So sitting at a birthday party, feeling sorry for my size 40 ass (12 in US size!), I scoff down all the delicious cakes and brownies on offer. I even throw in a strawberry for good healthy measure. I am thoroughly enjoying myself when it begins…..

“Ah, I really think I should join the gym”

“Have you heard about that new fitness program on offer?”

“Yes I am TOTALLY keen to join” she says, subtly dropping the brownie on to the floor for the dog to eat up.

“I am so unhappy with my weight…”

“I feel so fat…”

“Did you see so and so lost so much weight, bitch!”

And so the conversations go on for the contingent of the birthday party.

I now feel bad for scoffing down all the wonders on my plate and possibly need a crash course on how to stop blushing.

As if I had never seen sugar before and also wish I had taken up the offer to visit Essex Body Care – surely I would be feeling far more relaxed now! And the worst of it is, these are mostly the size 36 mothers right down to the 32’s. I mean really, as if a mother in a size 32 needs to go to gym!

My son recently had a swimming event which the school called a water safety day. It required the mothers to jump in the pool with their 4 year olds, and teach them how to get back to the wall should they fall in. The thinnest of mothers were in swimming items like wetsuits and t-shirts in the pool – in Summer! And they were equally embarrassed about their size as any of the other mothers were.

So much so, that I did not even get into the pool and in fact went as a spectator.

But who is this supreme court waiting for all mothers to show their stuff, so that they can pass judgement? it is us, fellow mothers that are unhappy with what being pregnant and breastfeeding has done to us.

Yes before I fell pregnant I was a size 36, and I didn’t weigh all that much. Two kids later I tipped the scales at 102 kgs and a size 44 waistline. And the saddest part of all, is that my family suffered. Suffered because I lacked confidence, felt insecure and thought any woman thinner than me had to be a total bitch – come on ladies you know we judge this way!

But who was watching? Which mother has time to judge another mother’s size, when they are running around kids, a household and a job. Perhaps the little twenty-somethings that have never had kids?

I am a twenty something, in fact I am 28 with saggy tits, stretch marks and one hell of a belly apron. And I feel old and fat next to any girl my age with perky breasts and a flat belly – but she hasn’t had kids, and soon enough she will feel just like we all do. Judged, and unattractive.

But ladies, we need to pull ourselves towards ourselves – these stretch marks, saggy boobs and apron stomachs are the result of a war that we fought so tremendously.

Those black rings under your eyes are a trophy, because you were able to not only make a baby, but carry it to full term. I have had a miscarriage, and you feel like you are to blame,

A dear friend of mine is 27 and cannot have children, has had one failed IVF and has not a cent more to try again. Another sweet friend is 28 and has gone against all her beliefs and is now seeing a homeopath in sheer desperation to fall pregnant. And if we had to say to them that all it would take to fall pregnant and carry a healthy baby to term would be a flabby belly, saggy boobs and stretch marks – what do you think they’ll say?

So come on moms, it really is time we appreciate our war wounds and scars and cherish the miracles that we have been able to have. I may be big, uncomfortable in my size and insecure – but I have 2 healthy children, a husband and a job. Who honestly gives a damn about the size of my pants other than me? Its not like it was a question on my job application!

I am scarred. I am stretched. I am a mother, but next time I intend to get in the god dam pool!

husband away on business

15 Thoughts Mom’s Have When Their Husbands Are Away On Business…

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Waving goodbye to my husband as he goes off for yet another business trip, a myriad of thoughts pass through my brain.

They really are a progression of thoughts starting from the ones where I am seriously pissed off, moving to the ones when I am almost elated. At this point he has reached the car, and when he turns back I am grinning from ear to ear and waving like a monkey.

He thinks it’s because I am happy for him, when actually I may just be happy for me. Let me share my progression of thoughts with you, as this is what many moms feel when their husbands walk out the door on another conveniently timed business trip.

1.    Is it really business?

We all have this thought at some point, even the most faithful mothers. It is somehow just wired into the insecurity of our DNA to assume that at some point he may actually be cheating. Then we start listing our flaws and the things we should change, and if you are like me, your imagination runs so far away that you are actually holding the conversation with him that you would have upon catching him in the act. I mean yes I’m overweight have stretch marks and should probably have called back to see if coolsculpting cost singapore was something we could actually afford, but would he really cheat on me?

I can see it right now in my head, and exactly how the scene would play out.

We are shouting, and he looks guilty as I’m sending some sharp piercing words towards him which hit his chest in an explosion of successful and alarmingly bloody motions. And just when I am about to deliver my knockout blow, his mouth suddenly says “mama” and I’m like no way, this is not part of my fantasy! I shake my head and look down to see a trail of Cornflakes and my 2 year old soaked in milk. Breakfast time!

2.    Why does he get to go and I get stuck with the kids?

Business trips should include kids. I mean seriously, the only business I get to do is the occasional session on the porcelain and even then I have to take my kids with me. I would love to dress up in a fancy suit and go off with a briefcase to only God knows where to discuss only God knows what, that simply could not be done over the telephone.

Hello people, conference calling! And off he goes into the rising sunlight whilst I wipe snot off my child’s face in the hopes that it will come off my 6 year old holey nightie.  As I watch him drive off, I think to myself that I need to get a petition going that categorically states that there should be a “fathers take kids on a business trip” initiative.

3.    Am I going to cope?
Being home alone with the kids has its mundane moments, but it is the not so mundane moments that get to me. It is the moments where it is 5am and the kids are up and ready, but are far too little to be left unsupervised in the house, and far too old to shove on the boob in the hope that they will go back to bed.

It is the moment where I have two birthday parties to go to, both starting at the same time. I get the kids in the car and start the engine, and remember I forgot the presents. Running back inside I debate the safety of leaving my children in a car with the engine running and the keys in the ignition.

Locking the door again, I jump into the car and am about to pull off when dear child number 2 screams “Wee Wee!” I force her to cop a squat on the pavement in the hope that nobody is watching. Right, the children are buckled and we are out the gate when child number 1 shouts, “Mom I forgot my hat!” I say to myself that I should tell him to forget the damn hat, but I hear myself saying the opposite simply to avoid a meltdown. At this point I am sure that I will probably never cope doing this all alone, as I have been far too spoiled with a husband.

4.    Breathe! Stay in control!

All moms can attest to the time when little Stuart threw his Plush fish toy down the toilet so that Nemo could go home! Or the time when Sophie shoved all the bright crayons in every orifice of her body so that she could have a rainbow inside of her. And we all know how this seems to happen in the worst of moments, like when hubby is away. And it is at this point, when one child is screaming, the other is crying and the nerves are failing – that I think, bloody hell do not lose it!

Finally on the way to the party, I tell myself that I can do it and single moms do this all the time. But single moms do not have my kids! And my kids are hectic. Child 1 is now asking bizarre questions about where baby cows come from. I tell him that a daddy cow puts it there, to which he argues is impossible as a daddy cow has no hands! Child 2 is singing nonsensical songs which at any other time would be cute, but right now is killing me. I am sure that I am breaking the speed limit but I hesitate to check. Breathe in and out, I tell myself.

5.    Bet he is having great adult time!

By the time I am at the final event of the day, bitterness has started to sink in. At all the kiddie functions one can go to, there may be mums and other adults, but they are not on a normal adult plain at that point! I can hear adults around me reducing themselves to midgets as they kneel down and say things like “Does booboo wanna go poopoo on the potty!?” I mean seriously, I know that we need to meet our kids on their levels, but sometimes I just wanna meet an adult on an adult level! I bet my husband and all husbands around the world simply love their adult time, even if it is random business talk about stocks, shares and the latest electronic gadget.

But I too want to talk about these random things without Susie tugging at my stocking, clinging to my high heels and throwing a major tantrum because I packed the Barney bottle and not the Doc McStuffins one. In my head I start to drift off to my comfort spot where I am sitting beside the fire writing this article and sipping my wine.

6.    Now I can’t drink my bloody wine!

It would be incredibly irresponsible of me to drink any form of alcohol whilst my husband is away. I start to imagine being slightly tipsy and slipping in the bath, or passing out in bed and the kids waking up without me being aware of it.

That certainly would be bad parenting, I mean it’s is just a no-no right….right? Argh, I bet husband is drinking a super decent cocktail right now and here I am at a birthday party singing farm songs around a cake that looks like a pigs backside. And I can’t even have my wine.

7.    Bastard gets to sleep through the night.

My biggest grievance in my long thought process is the fact that he will come home and tell me how exhausted he is from travelling and attending all the meetings. He will expect me to look at him lovingly and bat my eyelids in understanding – which I will do. But in my head all I can think is that I have not clue what the hell he is on about, he got to sleep the night through! Solid! And more than one night at that!

8.    You better phone me!

Thinking about him being tired and sleeping the night through takes me back to thought process number one, and again I begin to wonder if he is tired because he was doing something else all night. Suddenly I have this urge to phone him, but it’s barely even lunch time and he hasn’t been gone long. I start to talk to him in my head, willing him to phone me! If he does I will be amazed and certainly take up telepathy as a hobby.

9.    My business doesn’t allow me a moment off, let alone a trip!

Jealousy is definitely a factor in most mothers’ minds when they are left alone with the kids. We know that deep down we will miss our kids deeply if we had to leave them. But we also know that we need a break too. If only being a mother included fancy trips to the spa and massage parlour. Or a coffee date with people that were willing to discuss something else other than their children. But do not ask me to get a job; I couldn’t bear to actually be away from my kids.

10.   What the hell am I going to do with the kids!

It’s amazing how fast kids can move through activities that in your head, you had planned to last at least an hour each. My kids of course go through every puzzle, drawing activity and outside game imaginable all in one day. That leaves a bunch load of days till husband gets home and a bunch less activities to do. Some mums are organised and have an itinerary of events planned for their little ones, but other moms are more normal and wing it as they go. I certainly am one of those moms and by the third day I am calling up people I swore I wouldn’t socialise with, just to have an excuse to get out of the house.

11.   Ooh the television is all mine!

Once the kids are in bed, couples often settle down to watch a few shows on television. Most nights for us include gold diving, gold digging, Alaska and fishing. Sounds like the perfect concoction of the ideal couples evening right? Ha! Not so much. No, hubby is away and I am inviting Richard Gere, Channing Tatum and that new guy Ansel Elgort. Movie time and the tissues are ready!

12.   I can eat what I want!

Like most mums and wives, I generally try to eat healthy especially when my husband is around. It is not a pretty sight to see a woman engorging themselves on chocolate, chips and the likes simply because they can and likewise for husbands. So now that he is away, the chocolate (and NOT the sugar free one) is out and so is the ice-cream.

13.  I am not cooking!

Frozen pizza, toasted sandwiches and a whole bunch of oven chips is exactly what I plan to feed my little army. Healthy foods and home cooked meals are reserved for weekdays; being home without a husband calls for a change in routine! Goodbye treadmill, hello elasticised tracksuit pants and welcome chocolate! (If I cannot have my wine, I am going to have my Lindt!)

14.   Do not phone me!

Midway through my favourite film, the part where Noah is about to tell Ali that he did write her letters for a whole year, my pants begin to vibrate. And not the “getting lucky” kind of vibrate, but the “husband is calling” vibrate. And suddenly I find myself thinking, do not phone me! I am finally in the zone where the kids are in bed, the coffee is hot and the chocolate is ready – and then he decides to phone! I mean how inconsiderate.

15.   Come back!

The movie ends and suddenly I feel all emotional and certainly sorry for myself. Come back, I begin to think. I quickly run to check the clock and I see it has only been 12 hours since he left. Hmm, what the hell do I do now! I too have run the course of going through every activity that I had planned, including a movie and good food. And like every mother who has a husband away on business, I begin to pine for him. And for the next 78 hours I feel sorry for myself, as ultimately all mothers do when their husbands are away. And in the morning when I wake up at 5am, I know that I am going to start again at thought number one – is it really business?


20 Genius Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know

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The summer holidays are over – thank god! To be honest it’s been an absolute nightmare!! Things got so bad at one point I had to employ the services of a Brisbane Cleaning company just to keep the state of my home acceptable! Throughout the holidays I learnt a lot of genius hacks to not only keep the kids entertained, but also under control!!



1. Use A Pool Noodle To Stop Your Kids Falling Out Of Bed.

Cheap and effective, this beats splurging on plastic sides for your bed.


2. Get The Pizza Cutter

Using a pizza cutter is a far more efficient way to slice up food for your child.


3. Reuse The Crib

Turn an unwanted cot into an art station for your kids.


4. Use Leggings Instead Of Socks

Tired of your child pulling off their socks? Try leggings instead.


5. Cardboard Boxes

Put your child in a cardboard box with a box of crayons, and kick back and relax as they spend hours decorating.


7. Pacifier Medicine Dispenser

This little gadget makes giving medicine much easier.


8. Shoe Organiser

Keep toys tidy by using a shoe organiser.


9. Elastic On Doors

Using an elastic band on a door can stop a child from locking themselves in a room.


10. Floor Mops

Get your little one involved in the house cleaning.


11. Put Pool Noodles On Doors

Pool noodles make fantastic door stoppers and protect little fingers from being squashed.


12. Use Elastics On Your Cupboard Doors

Cheaper and easier to install, this keeps your little ones out of your cupboards.


13. Make A Bracelet With Your Numbers On It

If your child gets lost, this bracelet can help them be found.


14. Use A Lint Roller To Clean Up Arts & Crafts Mess

Instead of struggling with a broom, use a lint roller to clean up glitter and art stuff left over.


15. Make Washing Hands Easy

Use a plastic container to make washing hands easier for little ones.


16. Use Old DVD Boxes For Art Storage

This quick and easy pencil case is great fun for kids on the go.


17. Buy A Very Big T-Shirt

Stop the fighting and make the punishment unbearable with this shared t-shirt.


18. Put A Ping Pong Ball In The Toilet

Putting a ping pong ball in the toilet helps your little guy learn to aim when potty training.


19. Make Lunch And Freeze It

Save yourself time on the school run with frozen sandwiches that will defrost in your kids lunch bags.


20. Buy A Very Big T-Shirt

Stop the fighting and make the punishment unbearable with this shared t-shirt.

child taking drugs

5 Ways To Find Out If Your Child Is Using Drugs

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It’s every parents nightmare, it really is.

You suspect your child is using drugs and you set out to try and prove it.

You want to be wrong but there have been little changes in their behavior and appearance that you are suspicious of.

Teenage boy with drugs

I have no first hand experience of this (fortunately) but a close friend who deals with this every day working for The House Of Recovery a drug and alcohol rehab center very kindly sat down with me for an interview. I asked her what the tell tale signs were – the below is what she said:

1. Is your child bunking school or shirking obligations? This could be from other problems, but make sure that you know where your child is at all times.

2. Is your child suddenly highly anti-social? Keeping a good line of communication open lets you know what’s current in your child’s world.

3. Are they having extreme mood swings or emotional outbursts frequently? This is another sign of drug addiction and withdrawal symptoms often express this way.

4. Is your child socializing with undesirable company? The company your child keeps can allow them exposure to drugs and is a possible sign of drug addiction.

5. Has your child undergone a sudden and extreme personality shift? Drugs often wreak neurological havoc on our brains and this can be a symptom of drug addiction.